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Hi Yvonne

"Just finished them this afternoon, they look great, made a massive difference to how the van looks. Thanks for the gearstick cover just got that left to do."

Kind regards



Hi Yvonne

"As promised, I finally found the time and more importantly the patience to fit the seat covers on my T5 - as you can see from the photos, the finish is absolutely brilliant and I'm delighted !


It took a great deal of patience to fit the covers properly, but the fact that the covers were cut to perfection and the stitching was strong helped immensely.


I am delighted with your product and it's the old adage that 'you pay for what you get!"




Hi Yvonne

"The covers arrived, they are brilliant. I've fitted the cushions with zips and they fit like a glove, I wont fit the seat covers for the next week or so because I am having some work done on the van. When this is all done I will take some pictures and sent them over to you so you can use them if you wish. I will also post them on the vw t5 Facebook page with your contact details and a description of the first class service you provide. Thank you and your team for a fantastic job.

Regards, Paul Lambert, a very happy customer."

-Paul Lambert

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