Owning a classic car comes with the responsibility of maintaining it well. Most often the seats are the initial components to get damaged.

Since the upholstery plays a vital role in bringing back the stock appearance of your car, we recommend you to choose upholsterers who are highly experienced and are capable of understanding your requirements.


Choose Classic Car Seats in Stafford if you plan to showcase your classic car. We are a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience in understanding upholstery and trimming for classic cars.


Our immaculate classic car upholstery service is carried out by our master upholsterers. Our experience in working on different models and makes allows us to understand your seats so we can deliver quality classic upholstery services.

Classic car upholstery supply and fittings

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Restoring your car's upholstery back to its original standard is a difficult task. Choose highly-skilled upholsterers who are capable of delivering quality craftsmanship that lasts.


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We also offer self-install kit for your convenience. Classic car upholstering could not get easier than this. Get your kit installed in no time. Get guidance from our experts when installing it.


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Our master upholsterers are always eager to hear from you. Whether it is an enquiry or experience you want to share. Give us a call to speak with our friendly professionals.

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